Luxaflex Blinds 
Welcome to the world of Luxaflex®. Your guide to choosing the window coverings that suite your own personal lifestyle. Depending on your individual preferences, you can use different designs to adjust and control the light, create a variety of moods, influence the atmosphere or add character to every room of your home. 
Explore a World of Options 
Which ever look you select, you can be confident that the luxaflex® brand is your guarantee of excellent quality, innovation and years of enjoyment. 
Duette Freehanging Blinds 
Duette® shades are the perfect solution to better manage the indoor climate, thereby saving money on energy cost. The air layer in the cell works like an insulating blanket. 
The 3 Layers in the Architella® range result in an even higher insulating value. 
This characteristic is perfectly suited to the current environmental awareness. 
Duette® Shades protect you, your family, your furniture, wooden floors and valuable objects against the harmful and damaging ultravoilet radiation that pours through our windows every day. 
There are many models of Duette Blind, so even the brightest sun can be controlled. 
luxaflex Duette blinds
Luxaflex Duette
Luxaflex Duette Blinds
Plisse Freehanging Blinds 
With four different opacities to choose from, you can decide exactly how much privacy and light you need. With a '2 in 1' shade, you can even combine a translucent daytime fabric with a room darkening material for the night or for use in a bathroom. 
Then choose your favorite colour from a range that varies from subtle, soft tones to warm, earthy shades and bright, vivid hues and metallics. 
Speacial fabric treatments offer enhanced sun protection (Topar® Plus), dirt and moisture repellant (Dustblock™) and even anti bacterial properties (Sanaplus™). 
Luaflex Plisse shaped blinds
Plisse Treatments
Plisse window treatments
Duette Conservatory Blinds 
Fixė is the solution for a more even pleat on the interior side for all Duette® fabrics, in all window shapes. 
Fixė ensures better stability for special window shapes, such as triangles, which result in a neater looking blind. 
The Duette® honeycomb structure is the most effective way of reducing heat loss through the window and to keep the warmth in during the winter. 
duette conservatory blinds
roof blinds
duette conservatory blinds
Plisse Conservatory Blinds 
For the best results, use Topar® Plus on your new Plisse conservatory blinds. 
Topar Plus is very good at reflecting solar heat and light, is moisture repellant, is resistant to humidity, insect excrements and alkaline detergents. 
Extremly suitable for heat prevention in conservatories and behind large panes of glass. 
plisse conservatory blinds
luxaflex topar plus
Luxaflex plisse roof blinds
Silhouette Blinds 
Silhouette Shades offer a perfect way to soften the edges of this busy and often stressful world. Their ingenious construction, with translucent voile to the front and back, allows light to gently filter into your home while improving your privacy. 
luxaflex silhouette blinds
silhouette shades
electric silhouette blinds
Facette Blinds 
Facette Shades offer you more choice than ever when it comes to privacy and light control. patented by Luxaflex®, these unique new textile shades combine convenience with the warmth and beauty of fabric, in a stylish yet practical design. 
luxaflex facette blinds
luxaflex black facette blinds
Facette Blinds
Roman Blinds 
Enjoy the natural beaty of textiles in the Luxaflex® Roman Shades Collection. As these tailored, made to measure blinds are available in an exclusive selection of fabrics, styles and finishing options, you can be confident of selecting the perfect look to complement your interior. 
Roman blinds
Luxaflex roman shades
luxaflex roman blinds
Japanese Design Blinds - Verticals / Panels / Rollers 
The new Luxaflex Japanese design collection are made from a highly decorative material called 'washi'. Washi, literally meaning 'japanese paper' gives the apperance 
of clouded paper panels creating a light effect offering privacy and a unique Zen like effect. 
Available as a Roller blind, Panel Track or Vertical Panels 
Luxaflex japanese designs
japanese vertical blinds
japanese rollers
Skylight Blinds (Velux Type) 
Unlike Velux blinds, Luxaflex® Skylight blinds give you many more fabric options and product combinations.  
Roller blinds ~ Venetian Blinds ~ Plissé Blinds ~ Duette® Blinds 
Product Combinations 
To create the perfect atmosphere day and night, you can combine designs and materials. Every conceivable product combination is possible: Roller blinds with Plissé shades, Duette® shades with Plissé shades, or Duette® shades with Roller blinds. 
The Only combination that is not available is the combination of two Roller blinds. 
Just let us know the code of the skylight or Velux window that you have to ensure that the correct supports and side runners are supplied. 
Skylight windows
Skylight Blinds
Luxaflex Velux blinds
Roller Blinds - Nano Roller / Expressions Digital Printing / Simple Fit / Duo Blinds 
Nano Roller Blinds 
The Luxaflex Nano Roller blind collection has been specially developed for installation in tilt and turn windows and doors with inset glass without the need for drilling and screwing. 
The collection consists of more than 50 fabrics, including sheer fabrics, metallic coth and dim out fabrics. 
A large number of them are also available for other Luxaflex window covering products, so that it can be combined with a standard roller blind, Plisse shade or Roman Shade to provide harmony in one room. 
A very small cassette containing the roller blind and the side rails are adhered directly to the window glass, with no drilling or screwing, Mounting clips are also available as an option. 
The single cassette Nano roller blind is operated from top to bottom. 
The Top Down / Bottom Up Nano roller blind has two cassettes into which the fabric is rolled up making it ideal for long windows. This option offers the possibility to cover part of the window at any desired height and can be operated form above as well as from below. 
Expressions Digital Printing 
All patterns and structures are available in three different transparencies so that you can regulate the privacy and amount of light entering the room. 
A palette of more than 200 colours, from neutral shades and soft pastels to trendy eye catchers, from romantic flowers to cheerful drawings for children. 
With the Luxaflex Expressions Range you can emphasise your personal style 
Simple Fit intergrated blind system 
Designed to fully integrate with all modern windows, including tilt and turn and half glassed doors and perfect for conservatory side windows and doors. 
The Unique design fits neatly into the frame of your windows and doors. 
The No Drill bracket system means that blinds can be clipped in place in a couple of minutes. 
Easy to operate, simply raise and lower the blind by hand. 
no free hanging cords, making it one of the safest blinds available especially for children. 
Duo Blinds 
The Duo blind is a clever combination of Two Luxaflex Products in one beatifully deigned compact cassette. A Roller blind is always at the back, closest to the window. At the front, closest to the room, you can choose from a 20mm Plisse shades, 25mm Duette Shades or 32mm Duette Fixe Shades or you can always have another Roller blind. 
There are numerous options with regard to colour and the degree of Transparancy. 
luxaflex nano roller blinds
roller blinds
Luxaflex expressions roller blind
Vertical Blinds - Fabric / PVC / Aluminium 
With 230 New Fabrics introduced the Luxaflex Vertical blind collection now offers over 480 modern and stylish designs. 
All available in a variety of shades, vane widths and fabric treatments including dirt and moisture repellant Topar®, Protective Dustblock™, and antibacterial Sanaplus™. 
Multiperfora PVC 
Play with the light and shade with the pvc collections stylish new cut out vane design and perforation options: Multi perforations in one vane allow you to choose how much or how little light you let in. Antibacterial vanes make the PVC collection ideally suited to catering and medical installations. 
For cool urban windows, the aluminium collection now includes an exciting polychrome metallic finish, as well as an extended range of colours and silvers. 
Start Range - For First Time Homeowners 
Created especially for first time homeowners, the new accessibly priced 'Start' collection offers one fabric in 17 colour ways, with a choice of 89 or 127mm vanes and plastic operation cord and vane connector chains. 
Luxaflex vertical fabric blinds
vertical blinds luxaflex
aluminium vertical blinds luxaflex
Wooden Venetian Blinds 
With its natural beauty, wood has long been an inspiration and a delight. Its calming and reassuringly solid presence provides a welcome contrast to the hustle and bustle of modern life. Luxaflex® wood blinds bring all of these qualities home to you. 
Luxaflex has chosen to join the FSC (Forest Stewerdship Council) for certifyingwoode venetian blind products. 
The Majority of woods in the collection carry the FSC label and are independantly certified to assure consumers that the wood comes from the forests that are manged in such a way as to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and furture generations. 
luxaflex wooden venetian blinds
Evolution Headrail for Wood venetian blinds
Wood venetian blinds
Metal Venetian blinds -  
Ondulette / Simple Fit / Mega View / Evolution / Varizone / Combing Colours 
Ondulette Shaped Venetians 
Ondulette blinds add an eye-catching extra design dimension to your windows. Sculpted slat edges provide a unique visual design. 
Simple Fit Metal Venetian 
An integrated blind system for 16 and 25mm slats, designed for modern windows, perfect for conservatory side windows and doors. 
Mega View 
This blind closes as a normal venetian blind, but when you open it, the vanes stick together to give you an inreased view to the outside. 
Stunning 50mm Aluminium blinds with a contemporary re-invention of the traditional exposed operating system with a wooden head and bottom rails 
Optimal Privacy, Customised light and view using the revolutionary Varizone Metal Venetian blind. close the top of the blind whilst the bottom stays open, or maybe the middle closed and the top and bottom to be open, these plus many more operating options are available 
Combining Colours 
Bored of the every day metal venetian blind? Want to Jazz up a dull room.  
Combining slats with different decorative designs and colours you can create your own individual bespoke master piece. 
metal venetian blinds
50mm metal venetian blinds
Metal Venetian Simple Fit / Intu
Simple Fit Blinds - No Drilling Required 
Designed to fully integrate with all modern windows, including tilt and turn and half glassed doors and perfect for conservatory side windows and doors. 
The Unique design fits neatly into the frame of your windows and doors. 
The No Drill bracket system means that blinds can be clipped in place in a couple of minutes. 
Easy to operate, simply raise and lower the blind by hand. 
no free hanging cords, making it one of the safest blinds available especially for children. 
luxaflex simple fit blinds
Luxaflex Simple Fit No drilling blinds
Simple Fit /  intu / perfect Fit
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