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Electric Curtain Track Solution 
Looking for a new door curtain or window curtains? Do you want to enhance an existing curtain installation? 
Have you thought about having motorised or automated curtains for your home? Somfy’s electric curtain track solution, Glystro, can be used with most types of lined or unlined curtains, blackout curtains and all sorts of curtain fabrics up to 10m and 25kg weight, and helps create a luxurious look for your home. 
Linen, silk, cotton curtains, and pale colours in any fabrics, quickly show the effects of being regularly handled. Electric curtain rails operate the curtains smoothly and evenly every time with no drag effect, prolonging the life of your beautiful high quality curtains. 
With the Glystro automatic curtain track you simply press a button on your wireless wall switch or remote control handset, and your curtains quietly and smoothly glide open and closed, whenever it suits you. 
Enjoy the comfort afforded by the control of heat/light entering/leaving your rooms, be reassured by presence being simulated by your curtains automatically opening each morning and closing in the evening at times you've chosen, even when you're away on holiday. These things are possible when your curtains are controlled by timers and sensors. 
Somfy Electric curtain tracks
Glystro Electric curtain Track
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Product Desciption 
GLYSTRO 25 RTS Motorised Curtain Track 
•Quiet and smooth motorised track for curtains that can be operated by remote control wall switch and/or handset. 
•Suitable for most types and sizes of curtains up to 10m wide and 25kg weight (for two way tracks). 
GLYSTRO 25 RTS Motorised Curtain Track 
The smooth and even control afforded by motorisation prolongs the looks and lifetime of your curtains. 
Open or close your curtains any time you choose, just by pressing a button on your conveniently positioned wall switch or remote control handset. 
You can partially open your curtains in the morning to let in a little light, without getting out of bed. Partially close them to avoid glare on your TV or computer screen, without getting up from your seat, or close them fully at any time to have some privacy. It's so easy and you are in complete control. 
Manual operation of your curtains is still possible, without damaging the Glystro motor (no re-setting required, just carry on using the wall switch and/or remote control as you did before). 
Fully automate your curtains by adding a timer you can pre-program to open/close your curtains at the times you prefer. Full automation makes it look as if someone is at home, even whilst you're away on holiday. 
Installation is simple - and your curtains are operated quietly and smoothly every time. 
Pack Content 
1x Glystro 25 RTS Motor 
1x fully assembled rail 
Wall OR ceiling mounting brackets (number depending on length of track) 
Motor hook (for use when attaching a curtain around the motor) 
1x Power supply and 1x cable 
1x selected remote control handset (separately) 
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